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David van Geest

Software, Life, and Stuff I Couldn't Find on the Internet


Hi, I’m David, and this is my home on the web.

A native of London, Ontario, I now live in Toronto with my dog, Felix. I work as a Lead Software Engineer for SpinDance, a company I started working for during my eight years in Michigan. I graduated from Calvin College in 2008 with majors in Electrical & Computer Engineering and French.

Most of the software I write these days is in Scala, Java, or Ruby. I do plenty of Rails work, but writing some nice code for Akka is where I’m happiest. That said, constant learning is what keeps me going, so I look forward to times when I use C, Lisp, or Erlang (or whatever else gets thrown at me!). I love using open-source software to develop elegant solutions to difficult problems. Usually, you’ll find me running some flavour of Linux (Mint or CentOS, mostly). Coming from an engineering background, I’m always happy to get my hands on some hardware.

My areas of professional interest include scalable and distributed systems, polyglot programming, test-driven development, open-source software, security, and API design. I am passionate about increasing the quality of all software, and try my best to share that passion with my collaborators.

Apart from software, I enjoy music, travel, food, languages (especially French), reading, playing guitar, grammar, and current events. I’m a big board game nerd, Pandemic and Dominion being some of my favourites. My favourite books are The Brothers K and The Time Traveler’s Wife. I’ve been known to quote Firefly on a regular basis.