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60cycle.net is now davidvg.com!

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So, regular readers of this site (all two of them) may have noticed that 60cycle.net wasn't getting a whole lot of love lately.  There's a couple reasons for that.  Number one, Jo and I tied the knot back in June (huzzah!), and number two, I was busy working on davidvg.com.

Why a new site, you ask?  Good question.  I wrote 60cycle.net and 60cycleCMS back when I didn't know a whole lot about web development.  It was cool to learn some PHP and MySQL, but it didn't teach me a lot about actual web development strategies (MVC patterns, for example).  When my work compelled me to write a website, I jumped on the chance to learn Ruby on Rails, and I never looked back.

Having learned the Rails way of doing things, I felt pretty silly about 60cycleCMS.  I toyed around with writing a new CMS in Rails, but, let's face it, why re-invent the wheel?  Typo would do most of what I wanted.  So, I installed Typo and started hacking.  A few things annoyed me about Typo, and the iamrice theme, while being pretty darn awesome, wasn't exactly what I wanted. 

davidvg.com is the result of my mods to Typo and iamrice.  Now that I've got the site running the way I like, hopefully the blog will see a little more action :-).  Let me know if you find anything amiss!