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Missing foreign key constraints in Rails test database

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Wondering why your foreign key constraints are never created in your Rails test database? Chances are you, like me, are creating your referential integrity constraints using execute calls in a migration. These database-implementation-specific statements cannot be included in the DB-independent schema.rb file, so when you run rake test:db:prepare (or it is called implicitly by rake test), your FK constraints are not included in the test database.

The workaround to this is simple. In your config/environment.rb file, add (or uncomment) a line as follows:

config.active_record.schema_format = :sql

Now Rails will load the test DB structure from db/development_structure.sql, which should be automatically created when you run your tests. You can also create it manually using rake db:structure:dump.


  • I now recommend using the foreigner gem to create your foreign keys
  • In Rails 3, the config option should be put in config/application.rb