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WRT160N: DynDNS and upgrading firmware

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Having noticed that my WRT160N router wasn't updating my DynDNS records regularly, I checked out the latest firmware releases from Linksys. Turns out v3.0.02 fixes the problem, according to the release notes.

However I ran into some trouble uploading the firmware. The upload would get to 98%, hang for a minute or so, and then the page would give me a "Firmware upgrade failed" message. At that point the router web interface would crash and I would have to power cycle it. Anyway after monkeying around with it a bunch of times, I got it to work. Moral of the story, if your firmware upgrade is failing, you might try any and all of these things:

  • If you're running Linux, try using Windows (I ended up using an XP virtual machine)
  • Try IE instead of Firefox
  • Use HTTP to access the router instead of HTTPS
  • Curse the router repeatedly

I'm still not sure which of those steps did the trick, but my money is on the last one :-). Hope that helps someone out there.