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Manually adding a VM to VMware Server inventory

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Yesterday I borked up my Ubuntu install trying to install Firefox 3.5. Fed up with the worsening bugs that were cropping up (dropping wifi, for example), I downloaded and installed Linux Mint 7. So far I'm very impressed…. but that's not the point of this post.

I use VMware Server to run an Ubuntu web server, XP, and various other OSes. After installing Server 2.0.1 I added my existing VMs to the inventory; all went smoothly except with XP. Whenever I would add the .vmx config file, the web interface would hang. After googling and finding similar problems but no solutions, I started hacking around on my own, and found a solution.

To manually add a VM to your inventory, simply:

  • Open up your vmInventory.xml config file in your favourite text editor:
    sudo gedit /etc/vmware/hostd/vmInventory.xml
  • Following the format of existing entries, add a new entry for your stubborn VM. Here's a link to a copy of mine for reference: vmInventory.xml
  • Restart your VMware services. There's probably a better way, but restarting your box will definitely do the trick.

Hopefully this saves someone some frustration. Might post more about my Mint experience later.